Squat ultimate

Squat ultimate
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The Squat Ultimate is furnished complete with 2 flywheels (Inertia 0.025 and .05); two (2) vests (when ordering chose two from S, M, L, XL or XXL); pulley, rope for adjusting range of motion, spare strap, and user’s manual. SPECS: Weight: ~40 kg (incl. packaging for shipping) H/W/L: ~0.20 m/~0.50 m/~1.00 m Frame construction: Powder coated aluminum; anoxized details; rubber mat Support platform:Aluminum with one (1) foot support Resistance mechanism: ø 0.37 m aluminum flywheel(s) Resistance: Variable, unlimited Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs and pulley Flywheel strap: Special fitting dense polymer Power supply: None
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